Monday, August 08, 2005

CRTC versus the trash talkers

It seems that the coming appointment of a black female French-speaking woman to be governer general has encouraged at least one of Canada's trashy radio talk show hosts to rear his ugly head - and in the heart of La Francophonie, no less. The CBC reports that the CRTC (the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) "is investigating three complaints against a Quebec City radio host who made lewd comments about Michaƫlle Jean, the 48-year-old journalist who will become Canada's next governor general." Three listeners accused Sylvain Bouchard, a talk show host on FM-93 "of making sexist and inappropriate comments about Jean while talking about her appointment Thursday."

The CBC report quotes Bouchard as saying in French: "'Michaƫlle Jean has always been one of my fantasies,' . . . before going on to elaborate in a graphic way. He followed up by saying he hopes a white, heterosexual man will be named governor-general someday soon."

This incident recalls the controversy over another Quebec City radio station, CHOI, which received numerous complaints for inappropriate sexist and racist talk by its hosts, especially one Jean-Francois Fillion. A quick overview of that situation is provided by the CBC here (scroll down three or four paragraphs).

I wonder what the French idiom is for "white trash"?


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