Monday, January 02, 2006

George Gerbner, RIP

GEORGE GERBNERI didn't get a chance to put this up earlier, but it's worthy of note: veteran media scholar and Philadelphia resident George Gerbner is dead. He died on Christmas Eve at the age of 86. Here's his LA Times obituary. Gerbner was well known for his research into television effects, Cultivation Theory, his long-running Cultural Indicators Project, and his more recent Cultural Environment Movement (designed "to work for greater diversity in media ownership, employment and representation."). (Here are some useful Gerbner-related links.) Gerbner's wife of almost 60 years, Ilona, also passed away earlier last month (December 8) at the age of 87.


Anonymous Oxy said...

it's so sad when good people leave us... couldn't understand before how people could post such news and what's more, comment on it... now I realize, that what's most important is the good memory that remains forever. and memory must be supplied by the words of those who still remembers.

7/15/2010 8:11 AM  

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