Sunday, January 02, 2005

My Top 12 movies of 2004:

For what it's worth, and before I change my mind, here's my Top 12 (and these are all movies I've actually seen):
    =1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (USA; Focus Features; Dir. Michael Gondry)
    =1. Vera Drake (UK-France-NZ; Studio Canal; Dir. Mike Leigh)
    3. Sideways (USA; Fox Searchlight; Dir. Alexander Payne)
    4. Hero (Hong Kong-China; Dir. Yomou Zhang; distributed in U.S. by Miramax)
    5. Control Room (USA; Magnolia Pictures; Dir. Jehane Noujaime)
    6. The Yes Men (Yes Men Films; distributed in U.S. by UA and MGM)
    7. Napoleon Dynamite (Dir. Jared Hess; distributed in U.S. by Fox Searchlight, Paramount and MTV Films)
    8. A Very Long Engagement (France-USA; Warner, Canal+; Dir. Jean-Pierre Jeunet)
    9. Going Upriver: the Long War of John Kerry (USA; Swiftboat Films; Dir. George Butler)
    10. The Incredibles (USA; Pixar-Disney; Dir. Brad Bird)
    11. The Bourne Supremacy (USA-Germany; Universal Pictures; Dir. Paul Greengrass)
    12. Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (USA; Miramax; Dir. Quentin Tarantino)

(Addendum, 11:55 p.m.) I can't resist the temptation to name three more. After number 12 ...

    13. Kinsey (USA; Qwerty Films/American Zoetrope; distributed by Fox Searchlight; Dir. Bill Condon)
    14. Fahrenheit 9/11 (USA; Dog Eat Dog Films, Miramax; Dir. Michael Moore)
    15. Garden State* (USA; distributed by Fox Searchlight; Dir. Zach Braff)

    * Still not sure whether this one should be on the list, but what the hell.

And I suppose I'd put Finding Neverland at number 16. So that's a Top 16, not a Top 12. Oh well. :-)


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